Leaf Global: from mobile wallet to refugee-generated NFTs

Screenshot of pieces within Leaf’s Refugee-Generated collection
  1. Leaf solicited pieces from artists, listed them on Litemint, and set up auctions
  2. Buyers made offers on pieces in XLM throughout the time-based auctions
  3. Funds from the sales were automatically deposited into Leaf’s Freighter wallet upon auction closing
  4. Leaf determined the rates for XLM to local currency at the time of sale and facilitated the exchange from XLM into Leaf’s stablecoins (RWFC in this case)
  5. Artists received local currency tokens in their Leaf wallets, available for immediate use for savings, remittances, and payments across East Africa
Jean Bosco training artists in a refugee camp on the NFT process
  1. Follow Leaf on twitter @LeafGlobalTech to stay up to date on our latest releases
  2. Create a Litemint account
  3. Connect a Stellar wallet
  4. Fund your wallet with XLM
  5. Bid and support a Leaf artist on Leaf’s Litemint store
  6. Track funds to see the deposit into the artist’s wallet. Leaf is working to improve this process in order to increase transparency and automate payments.
  7. Join Leaf’s Telegram channel
Physical piece created by a Leaf artist that may be turned into an NFT



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Leaf Global Fintech

Leaf Global Fintech

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